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1. Stainless steel
mainly AISI304 grade stainless steel, the surface can be thrown into a mirror, mirror on the ammoniation titanium plating or PVD, as well as other Vacuum coating, or stainless steel wire pulling hair into a pattern, but also in their surface paint colorful spraying.
2. Copper
polishing the use of direct product itself with unique features bacteriostatic sterilization, or spraying the surface layer of transparent protection to prevent Oxidation. Copper on the surface we have used a variety of plating, bright chrome, chrome sand, sand nickel, titanium, zirconium, such as gold.
3. Aluminum
we have adopted a high-grade aluminum, anodized to deal with the use of the surface, the surface can also be used after blasting the effect of color or silver sand Xiang Bingjin, and so on, wear-resistant surface, corrosion-resistant.
4. Zinc alloy
we use the best properties of zinc alloy plating to deal with a variety of surfaces, but also to deal with spraying.
5. Kinds of non-metallic
widely used non-metallic, high-grade types of wood, plexiglass, stone and so on. Fine polishing surface and surface-to-date use of strongly anti-bacterial material.

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