With the manufacturers as soon as possible, have the authority to distribute the following advantages to ensure that you have huge profits.
1. To create a long history and rich experience in the industry, the market strong.
2. To create professional, more stable quality, guarantee service levels, but also conducive to improving production efficiency, reduce costs and focus, continuous innovation.
3. High-quality, mid-range price.
4. An authorized dealer of a city, the city's manufacturers have dealers no longer accept orders for local projects to ensure that the interests of distributors.
5. Manufacturers putting in a lot of advertising, common benefit, the manufacturers guidelines for customers to local dealers.
6. Each dealer has a gold medal security can be proved Distribution identity.
7. From June 2004 onwards, all products will be marked with trademarks, brand assurance.

authorized by the conditions (in the mainland of China)
1. Prefecture-level cities in more than
2. The industry for more than two years sales experience, good customer relationship works.
3. There are more than 30 square meters of area stores.
4. Reputable, to provide customers with pre-sales service.

    Job Title   Employer   Location   Jobs   Stats   Last update
   Sales Manager    Boshimei        1人    Recruitment    2009.3.4
   selling spokesman    Boshimei    本司暂无经销商的城市    1名/市人    Recruitment    2008.12.20
   machining master    Boshimei    南海    10人    Recruitment    2008.12.19
   master    Boshimei    南海    1人    Recruitment    2009.3.4
   polishing master    Boshimei    南海    10人    Recruitment    2008.12.19
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